Transgenic Organisms of New York State

The living organisms represented in this exhibit exist as a result of the crossing of two historical narratives: One, biological; The other, cultural. Each organism has evolved countless ways to survive and thrive during the last several billion years on this planet. However, the organisms shown here have an additional story tacked on to the very end: Each organism's very genetic makeup is altered or engineered for a human purpose, carrying with it the expression of some specific human desire as a permanent notch in its family tree. The organisms shared in this context are neither displayed as monsters nor saviors, but as artifacts from the present day presented for your consideration.


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Transgenic Organisms of New York State hosted by:

November 1st, 2008 - February 20th, 2009
The Schenectady Museum of Science and Technology

Feburary 28th - April 11th 2009.
Presented during the Corpus Extremus (LIFE+) exhibition curated by Boryana Rossa at the Exit Art gallery in NYC. Exit Art 475 10th Ave NYC

Future dates and locations to be announced.