Genetically modified organisms released for field tests from 1987 to 2008

This map is based on data collected by the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ( and organized by Virginia Tech's Information Systems for Biotechnology.
The database includes all the approved field tests permits (releases into the environment) since 1987.

Icons are only provided for the most common organisms, the DNA icon is intended to represent the others.

In order to avoid excessive cluttering, organisms released in multiple states will only appear in the first of the states listed in the entry.

The database only reports the states of the required field test, the location within a certain state is random and therefore not accurate.

The permanence of a test site can vary from less than a month to several years (though the most common duration in one year) therefore the permanence of an icon on the screen is not indicative.

An approved permit for a field test doesn't require the applying institution to perform the test. We are assuming that the great majority of them are actually performed.